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Wayne DeLair - JumpDog Audio Productions

Wayne DeLair
Wayne DeLair is the Jumpdog!
I began my studio experiences in the 80’s at Capricorn Recording Studios in Macon, GA. working with producer Paul Hornsby and the better days of Quadradial Recording Studio in Miami, FL.. I guess I’m a renaissance man with “a particular set of skills”. I’m an audio engineer, a composer, an audio producer, providing world-class audio services with a cool head and warm heart.
My Commitment
I’m committed to earning your trust through my resolute conduct of honesty, integrity and clear communication as I deliver to you, the very best audio production services.
The Relationship
I seek to build long-term client relationships by providing the very best audio services and client experience as we engage in each and every project throughout our future.  Always striving, always growing, always caring, always delivering.

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Quality customer service never goes out of style.
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